The Patient Persona Worksheet – A Vital Step for Increasing Enquiries

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This worksheet will be the most important step in getting more leads from your website.

You want more leads from your website right? If you’re like 90% of folks you’ll be shaking your head saying ‘of course I do!’

Keep reading because this marketing strategy of ‘the user persona’ is mega important for crafting your marketing messaging and your website content.

The completed user persona will ultimately help you get much more leads from your website.

Your website visitors have a character, an intention and a goal.

Someone browsing the internet has an ‘intention’ and a ‘goal’.

Typically those intentions and goals are different than someone else.

That person is also usually different than someone else browsing the internet. There are specific things about that person which make up who they are and their ‘character’.

I’m a 40 year old Dad (my character) and I’m browsing the internet to find which smartwatch has a good battery life and is comfortable to wear (my intention) and once I find this watch, I want to buy it (my goal). 

How does this relate to your website and business?

Visitors to your website need to see they’re in the place they intended and your site can help them reach their goal. Ideally within the first five seconds!

That or they could click back or close, and they’re gone for good.

If we want leads / sales / enquiries or whatever it is from our website we need to work out :

  • Who is the character (i.e. what is our visitor really like)
  • What is their intention
  • What is their goal.

Then we can build a website which shows our visitors ‘here is the solution to my problem!’ 

If we do this we will get leads from our website.

Now let’s get to the worksheet.


In the worksheet we will come up with the Character the Intention and the Goal of our website visitors

  1. Character : What the person (or group of people) who visit your website is like.
  2. Intention : What does this person intend to do, learn or find. Character may often have more than one intention.
  3. Goal : Wait is your visitors ultimate goal? Visitors might have more than one goal.

Fill in the below question, as many times as you can, in order to make a list of the various visitors characters and their intentions and their goals. Write the answers as if it was from the perslpective of the website visitors.

  1. “I am a      (who the visitor is)     ” (Character)
  2. “and I want to       (learn or do something)     “ (Intention)
  3. “so that I can       (accomplish a goal)     ” (Goal)

Completed Example

Now we get to the example User Persona Worksheet.

Let’s pretend you are an electrician and you’re imagining the types of visitors you’ll have and what they want. 

Remember to fill in the blanks from the perspective of the website visitor.

Now we get to the example User Persona Worksheet.

“I am a…” “and I want to…” “so I can…”
Expectant motherFind an family planning clinicGet advice on childbirth and get a scan

In this case, you can see what type of messaging and content you should have on your site.

You should point out that you are experienced in helping homeowners, landlords and commercial tenants. You also provide an emergency service and you’ve got lots of 5 star reviews as well as all of the relevant qualifications and safety certifications, as well as which local areas you service.

All of the above is clear from understanding who are your visitors and what are their intentions and goals.