About Site Lift

We're a team of marketers who want you to succeed. Your success is our success. We create a plan you own and understand. Together we'll achieve your goals.

Our Unique Value Proposition

We work with your team to ensure maximum success. We increase your revenue by improving your existing sales processes and finding opportunities to add new strategies. We find any weakness in your sales process and help you come up with a better execution strategy.


Our ultimate goal is simple. Results! Growth in leads, higher conversions and more profit.​

Custom Reports

You’ll see exactly where your money is going, and what ROI you’re getting. Plus any other metrics you’re most interested in tracking.

Always in Touch

Along with your custom reports we regularly touch base and we’re always available.

Continuous Improvement

We follow the principle of ‘kiazen’ where we continously try to improve our processes and your marketing strategy even by 1% every day. 

Our Unique Characteristics

We love watching graphs go up. Our clients and our own. It’s kind of what drives us. Opening up those reports and seeing those sweet sweet graphs going in that upwards direction. It’s a hit of endorphins that makes all the hard work worth it. 

We also love it when our clients are happy with us, which is lucky because clients also love seeing their graphs going up. Revenue, sales, conversion rates, all the things we measure and work to improve are what matter most to your business and ours. 

Our team each have a unique role and unique abilities and together we have a synergy which allows us to perform better as a whole, then alone. Join us and start your journey with us, to the land of sweet sweet graphs going up.

Our Team

Simon Quinn

Project Management

Manus Sheridan

Paid Advertising

Eduard Shutenko

Search Engine Optimisations

Irina Gonchar

Graphics Design

Amine Ammari

Shopify Developer

Patricia Camille

Financial Advisor

Rui Bernardes

UI / UX Designer

Vidish Purohit

WordPress Developer

We're always on the lookout for more talent.

Get in touch!

Our Location

Our main office is located in Dublin, Ireland. We also have team members based all around Europe and Asia. Because we’re not limited to a single location we’re able to find best talent. We’re also cutting costs because many of us are working from home.