The Program

Site Lift's Digital Marketing Program.

Are you in control of your businesses future, or do you take what you get?

Many business owners don’t have a marketing strategy in place, and perhaps they feel a little guilty about that. 

Others business owners have tried getting help from a digital marketing company. But perhaps they weren’t happy. 

Maybe they didn’t understand what exactly was happening. Where was their money was going and what results it was giving?

This is why at Site Lift, our main goal is to help you take control of your own marketing program. 

Take control of your businesses future using a custom Digital Marketing Program that you understand and own.

How we help

At Site Lift we believe your marketing strategy should not be completely outsourced and forgotten about. Out of sight, out of mind, is a recipe for failure. 

That’s why we work with you to instill the habits and mindset that will enable you to turn on a flow of new business.

Instead your Digital Marketing Program is designed and setup with your involvement and understanding. 

Each step of the way through the program you’ll be given a new deliverable. For example, a content creation plan and clear templates and instructions for content creation. You and your team and create the content, or we can work with you to deliver on them. 


Whichever way you want to work, you’ll own the roadmap and know exactly what’s happening each step of the way.

It will change your business from taking what you get, to being in control.

The four phases of the program

The four phases of the program are essential to maximising the success of your Digital Marketing Program. 

Below is a brief summary of each stage. 

Strategy & quick wins

We check your competitors to discover what they’re doing well and what their weaknesses are. We audit your website and marketing strategy to discover the same. We find out what gaps exist in your current content and plan what content to create first. 

Boost awareness

The largest chunk of the work is boosting awareness of your business. We do this by several methods, but mostly via organic search and paid advertising. 

Increase conversions​

Once we have a flood of new visitors coming to your website it’s time to optimise the pages they land on to increase the amount of conversions. We can do this by creating two pages and testing which one converts the best. We can also target your previous visitors with ads to help bring them back to your business. 

Boost loyalty & referrals ​

Lastly we need to keep those customers coming back and also have them referring their friends and family onto your business. We do this by generating lots of great reviews for your business, by email marketing your existing customers and following up via SMS (which has the highest open rate of all marketing media).

Choose how we work together

From ongoing management, to short sprints.

Everyone wants options when it comes to payment to suit their budget and their goals. Let’s work together to find the best option for you.

Digital Marketing Program

Fully managed marketing. Works closely with you, so you understand and own the plan. We take care of everything report directly to you.


Short 1-2 month long marketing sprints. No ongoing fees.


Revenue sharing split. Higher reward for us, less risk for you.

What will it cost?

You will need to invest both time and money into your bespoke Digital Marketing Program. 

The lower end might be 2 hours of your time and €500 once off payment. The higher end might be 8 hours and €2000+ per month. It depends on your goals and competition.

What results can you expect?

Results depend entirely on the level of competition and what you’re willing to invest.

Typically businesses who follow our advice and invest appropriately realise a 200 – 300% ROI.