Search Engine Optimisation

Working with SiteLift you get a totally transparent, no nonsense, openly communicative SEO team with the ability and desire to absolutely dominate your competition in search engine rankings. If that sounds like your cup of tea read on.

Real Case Studies

The following are real figures and facts of our clients successes.

1300% Increase in Revenue

180% Increase in Sessions

600% Increase in Impressions

SEO can bring good results but only if it’s done with the fact in mind you have to beat your competition which means outdoing them in time and effort invested. Time and effort are two things all of us don’t have enough of in the day, so that means that SEO often isn’t inexpensive anymore, with the number of competitors out there and how much time they’ve had.

Saying that, it is possible to do really well with SEO. But expectations must be managed. It has gotten a lot harder compared to 5 years ago.

Now, let’s look at the four phases of SEO.

The lowdown

SEO has four phases:

  • Strategy where we prepare a plan and decide on which course of action will give you the greatest return on your investment.
  • On-site where we adjust your website into the ideal site in Google’s eyes.
  • Off-site where we ensure all your other properties (such as google business page, social media and all citations) are properly configured and optimised to make your website look authoritative and trustworthy in Google’s eyes.
  • On-going where we add more content to your website and social media pages, continue to tweak your keywords, monitor your competitors and increase your rankings month after month.

Strategy Phase

In the world of SEO communication and planning are key! That is why, before and during the SEO campaign, we will be keeping in touch to ensure your SEO success.

At SiteLift we absolutely want you to rank. It makes you more successful, when you’re more successful you’re more likely to keep paying us! Not only that but if you’re successful, then we are successful, we’ve done our jobs well and that means we can continue to help many more businesses beat their competition.

Because of this, we don’t want to waste any time doing the wrong things for you because of insufficient planning. We have to figure out what will work before we even begin. We do this by providing you with questionnaires (the first one is at the bottom of this article) and having meetings with you. Then we start doing audits, research and coming up with a content and attack strategy to ensure your success.

On-Site Phase

On-Site SEO (aka on-page SEO) is where we optimise all the elements of your website in order to rank higher in search engines. We fix everything we discovered on your website via our technical and SEO audits during the strategy phase. We make sure you have a content silo structure in place and that you have enough content available to rank for. We make sure your website is running fast plus dozens of other factors which Google accounts for.

Off-Site Phase

We make sure all the basics are covered, for example, you have a Google My Business page, which we make sure  it’s optimised correctly and you have consistent citations built. We create content either on your site or on other sites which will lead to backlinks to your website. People mentioning your brand, giving you positive reviews, having your site appear in relevant blogs, journals and directories all lead to higher rankings.

Ongoing Phase

During the ongoing phase we’ll continue to make more improvements to your website, for example, adding landing pages and tweaking any pages we see that could do with more work to further increase rankings. We monitor which keywords you are ranking for.  We’ll go for the low hanging fruit which are keywords you’re already ranking for and get them into the top 3 results. We optimise the site for user intent and user experience which is what the new Google Rankbrain algorithm particularly targets. If necessary, we may build some more natural white hat links. We build content for your website and social media. As time goes on we’ll target more and more keywords which further increase your rankings.

How much will it cost my business to rank #1 in Google?

The #1 factor that affects the cost of your SEO campaign is your competition.

Obviously if you have zero competition the cost is going to be minimal, or nothing at all. You could be ranking #1 by just existing.

Conversely if your competition was NYC Lawyers, it’s going to cost a pretty penny and even then your competition could end up having a bigger marketing budget and beat you in the rankings anyway.

Until we research your competitors, your own business, your website, what keywords are best to rank for and a host of other things, it will be difficult to accurately guess your monthly spend.

What does it take to rank #1 in Google?

To rank #1 in Google there are important magic ingredients…

1) The most important thing is communication between the SEO team and the business owners. Imagine getting three months into a campaign and realising the SEO team is ranking a keyword that doesn’t matter, or they didn’t know you had two physical business locations.

2) The second equally important thing is a commitment and determination to win. The only way we’re going to win is by ranking higher than your competition. We need to have a stronger desire to beat them, than they do to beat us. Who knows, they might have a team of SEO guys but we’ll bet their SEO team doesn’t care as much about winning as we do.

Both you and us need to genuinely want to beat your competition. If you don’t really have the time, or the passion, or the spare focus to help us make that happen, there’s no point in us working together.

It’s also very important that you understand how SEO works, what results you can expect and how long it’s going to take to start seeing them. Having the right expectations are an important factor, because some other person might expect to see results quickly, get frustrated when they’ve invested money and the sales calls aren’t flooding in yet, so they get annoyed and give up.

How long does it take?

SEO is not a quick fix. It is a long term investment. When done right the effects will carry on for years after the work is completed.

We only do whitehat SEO which means only doing things which Google have said on record they’re okay with us doing. We don’t cheat or game the system, we don’t do anything unethical and we don’t put your business at risk.

In some cases some proof or results can be seen after the first month’s work. The largest ramp up in results is around month 3-4, then it climbs steadily from there. After 6 – 12 months is when the best results start. This is when your investment starts to break even and tip towards paying for itself.

So minimum 6 months but for best results commit to 1 – 2 years of SEO work.

SEO talks a long time so start today to get results faster.

Beware of the blackhats.

As stated everything we do is whitehat. That means it is all legal, ethical work, which takes longer and costs more. However the results last a very long time and there’s no risk of having Google blacklist your company.

Some SEO companies still employ gray hat methods like building unnatural links in an attempt to trick Google into thinking you’re more popular than you are.

This gives you quick results at a low price but more often than not, down the line, maybe hurt your business very badly.

In the best case scenario Google cottons on to the fact these links are bogus and just wipes them off the internet, hence all that greyhat work is gone, like you never had any SEO work done at all.


We generally recommend a minimum of 6 months investment with best results being 12+ months.

The majority of our customers require between €500 – €2000 per month to beat their competition.

There is also an optional “SEO Booster” package available for €1500 which helps us to kick start your SEO campaign. The SEO booster essentially allows us to get most of the strategy on initial on page phases out of the way to bring in results faster. If you don’t purchase the SEO booster we will perform these phases any, just over a longer time period.

Next Steps

Want to join Site Lift and grow your audience and your revenues? Great! Here are the next steps.

If you haven’t already please fill in this questionnaire about your business, competitors, customer and goals.

If you’re unsure of any of what to write in any parts of the sheet, just leave them blank and we’ll go over it during our first phone call.

Give us a few days to read over it and get in touch with you to setup a meeting.