You’re a dental clinic looking for more patient bookings.

If you’re here, you’re a dental clinic owner, or in a position of responsibility for growing and marketing your dental clinic. You’re looking for a way to generate more patient bookings. Perhaps you are not already working with a dental marketing company. Or, you are working with a dental marketing company, but you’re not happy with the results. 

More high quality bookings will make an enormous difference to your clinic.

You either don’t have enough bookings or the bookings you’re getting are not ideal. Perhaps you specialise in implants, orthodontics or veneers, but you’re not getting enough of these higher profit bookings. Perhaps you have slots in your calendar that are empty. 

Fixing this would generate significant revenue for your business. But you’re not sure how to do this, or haven’t been able to so far. 

Why I can help you, and why you should believe me.

A good friend of mine, Nicholas, was leaving his position in the dental clinic he work in,  to start his own clinic, He needed a website, so I offered to make one for him at mates rates. 

He wanted help with marketing. However I was a hesitant to get into a long-term business relationship with him. They say you shouldn’t mix business with friendship. So I recommended he find a company who specialises in dental marketing. 

Nicholas found one dental marketing company, and they worked for him for over 1 year. But the results were not great. It seemed like this company was offering a basic service which didn’t seem to be customised at all for Nicholas’s needs. So he swapped to a different marketing company.

The second marketing company that Nicholas worked with not any better.

Nicholas ended up asking me to review or audit the work being done and provide a report to him, as he wasn’t sure what he was paying for! 

I looked, and was astounded by the low level of work being done. It was just like a shotgun approach to get as many enquiries as possible for as little money as possible. 

But all it ended up doing was creating a lot of busy work and tire kickers for the reception team to handle. Where were all the patients that Nicholas was looking for?

That’s when I decided to help dental clinics.

I told Nicholas I’ll create high quality content for his website that will attract the right clients.

Now he is ranking number 1 in Google for many search terms which he is most interested in.

Almost all his website traffic, enquiries and requests for bookings come in because of the content I’ve created. 

I can help you get the same results.

The first thing we can do is book a consultation to discuss what results you want.  This consultation will be free. 

After the consultation I can provide an audit of your website that will be the most comprehensive and useful audit you will ever see about your online presence hands down. 

If this audit doesn’t blow you away, I’ll record myself singing a song about how your dental clinic is the best in the world and you can post it on your Facebook page for everyone to smile and laugh at. 🙂 

This free audit will provide you with at least 10 actionable items that will help you double your bookings. So if you don’t book a free appointment and free audit, you’re doing your business, yourself and everyone a massive disservice. 

Why I’ll give you so much value for free?

Why would I spend 3-4 hours of time doing a consultation and doing this audit for you for free?

Many reasons! First, I know what it’s like to go into a business relationship with someone. Ideally, you want to trust them completely before you pay them. That’s difficult unless they give you something of massive value and prove their worth first. 

Second reason, I want to get to know you and your business and see if I feel we are genuinely a right fit. Most of my clients end up being clients for years, and you get to know them. I want to make sure we will get on well enough together that this business relationship will be a fruitful and compatible one. 

Last reason, I enjoy helping people. Life is not all about money. Sure, you need money to survive, but the feeling of satisfaction you get from seeing the results of your work and the value you provide to others is really the driving factor here. I’m sure it’s similar with you, when you see someone come in with a big problem and you fix it for them and you see how much they appreciate it. 

I used to be self conscious of my smile, and a dentist solved this enormous problem for me. I even gave him a big hug after I went from having teeth I was ashamed of showing when I smiled, to, as my brother put it, “a big sexy smile” I was so happy I hugged the dentist after!

Now I’m not saying I’m looking for a hug here! But I want you to be so, so happy with the results we provide, that’s my goal. That’s why I’ll give you a huge bit of value upfront for nothing. So you can see and be sure about the value I will provide you.

Jokes aside…

Book a consultation with me. Really, it’s probably one of the biggest things you can do for the success of your clinic, your staff, your family and yourself. 

Let’s make a tremendous difference here, starting with one conversation. 


Remember my friend Nicholas, the dentist from Castlemill Dental? He’s so booked up with patients right now that he’s paused his spending with me. We were working together on an ongoing basis, but he recently came to me and said “Simon, I have too many bookings and I’m turning everyone away, could we halt spending at the moment?” I said sure! 

So you can talk to Nicholas, call him up at his clinic and check this is all true. He’ll be more than happy to provide a reference. 

So let’s go! Let’s talk now about how I can make you so busy that you’ll also want to stop paying me! Haha I should really rethink my business model. Perhaps this is why those other dental marketing companies were providing such mediocre results 😉 Sorry, I couldn’t resist one last joke. 

Get in touch now using the form below! Talk soon…


Simon Quinn

Head Honcho – SiteLift