If an SEO expert is talking about getting you “hundreds of backlinks” or using phrases like “multi-tier” or “spinning” or they’re offering you high rankings for a fairly low cost they’re either using automatic software or out-sourcing the work to third world countries and the results could end up harming your business substantially in the long run. Google knows exactly how blackhat SEO works and is able to tell if your site is paying for backlinks (blackhat SEO) and once they know that they’ll never considering you an authoritative source of content.



Whitehat SEO uses techniques which keeps within Google’s Guidelines for what is acceptable search engine optimisation.


The primary and most effective White Hat SEO technique is to create high quality content creation, Then outreach to other relevant authorities on the internet to invite them to share your content. Once your high quality content starts getting links, Google sees this and will increase your rankings.


Your website will gradually increase in rankings. Your site will never be banned from Google. It can take several months to get any significant results from whitehat SEO but the results are long term. Whitehat SEO is an investment.